A very special day

Day 14 was something special.

Early this morning, I met Milan from Easton, PA while getting the bike ready for the ride to Saint Louis.  Milan is a cancer survivor, and as we chatted he said, “You are that guy I saw on TV” riding across the country.  Very cool, considering we were in Effingham (yes, that REALLY is the name of the town) and talking in the parking lot.

Then, Beth, Karen and I were off to Casey’s General Store in Saint Elmo, IL.  I ended there yesterday, started there today and was getting ready to go when we met a lovely woman, Wild Horse Breezy, and we talked for a while about everything.  She wished us a good ride and it was another short, meaningful interaction with someone who cared about what we were doing.

At 9 miles in, we pulled over because we were now at 1,000 miles!  A great accomplishment, and I was so happy to hit this milestone with Beth.  I was greeted by smiles and a poster, knowing we have a lot of work and another 2,400 miles to go.

The 90-mile ride was broken into two parts – the first 45 miles through streets and roads, and the second 45 miles on bike trails.  The ride went pretty smoothly, except there were trees down in five separate places on the trails.  I walked around them four times, and needed to re-track my steps on the fifth one.  But it all went fine.

And before I knew it, I was at McKinley Bridge, looking at the Arch and just three miles from the hotel.  15 minutes later, I had a beer (Beth and Karen had champagne) and we celebrated at the hotel.  We then went out for a YUMMY Italian dinner.  A great ending to a very special day!

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