1500+, and maybe some flat picking!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy is now over 1500 miles!

We started today’s journey from Girard, KS and finished in EUREKA, ks!  And no pie this time.  This ride was a 104-mile trek, the longest of my life, and the weather, overall, was very good.  Started in the high 50s and got to the low 80s by the time we finished.  There was a good bit of wind during the second half of the ride and, while Kansas is pretty flat, it is NOT perfectly flat.  Did have a few tough hills along the way.

I also saw a bunch of cows, and I swear they were watching me.  I do like steak and maybe they thought I was eyeing up some Wednesday night dinner.  We opted for Pizza Hut tonight.  Always got to get some pizza, and wings.

And lastly, we got great news over the past few days.  Lanni Boyd from Lung Cancer Alliance contacted the Governor’s office from the State of PA about the ride and having the State proclaim November as “Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  Well, they did and you can see their proclamation below!  Well done, Lanni!

Another 80 tomorrow, and then maybe, just maybe, Barry and I may go to the Walnut Valley Flat Picking Championships!

PA LCAM Proclamation

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  1. AMAZING!!!! Biking 1500 miles. Biking 104 miles in one day. PA proclamation of lung cancer awareness month. Today is going to be tough to beat! You are simply AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work!!


  2. I look forward to your daily udpdates and this is definitely one to remember! Huge accomplishments across the board. Truly inspirational, John! Keep up the great work and stay safe out there.

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