Rainbows, rain, wind and Mom’s Bar and Grill. Yup, we are still in Kansas!

We had another adventurous day today, riding 91 miles from Newton, KS to Seward, KS.  The new SAGger, Jim Mower, did a FIIIINE job and found us a place for an early dinner.  More on that later.

We started early to avoid the predicted heat of 92 degrees.  And since much of the ride is in wide open areas, there is no protection from the sun.  So we were up at 5AM, drove 30 miles from Wichita to Newton to get started.  And that’s when it started raining.

No worries, we got to see a rainbow and it wasn’t raining hard.  And thankfully, the road was lat and there were very few cars on the road.

By the time I go to Buhler (Buhler, anyone) about 20 miles in, the rain stopped.  Great!  And then about 10 miles later, the wind came blowing in.  And never stopped.  It was coming from the SSE (according to the weather app) and at 22 MPH.  So I had to slow down to stay safe.  Always, safety and in good health.  Whew.

We finished in Seward, a town of about 70, and Jim found the best (and only) bar in town.  Mom;s Bar and Grill.  We chatted for a while, enjoyed our meal and made our merry way home.

Another successful RHBE day.  And another one planned for tomorrow.

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