What a great first day!

MomGo Day was a blast!

Today started with a post to Mom on the RHBE site. We are honoring people every day of the ride and of course, Mom would be recognized on Day One.  More stories to come over the next 51 days!

SAP rolled out the the red carpet, Cannondale had a tent, Bob Burke from Guy’s Bicycles came to see us off, Brad Marsh from the Flyers Alumni joined, and of course, many family and friends.

seven riders
The Gang of Seven!

Seven of us took off from SAP a little after 10:00 and we made our trek out West to York, PA.  Many thanks to Marty Mrugal for leading Tom, Pat, Brendan, John, Ankush and me out.  We had beautiful weather and the day was a blast.

Of course, being in PA, there were a few hills, so we did some serious climbing today, a little over 4500 feet.  Tomorrow should be a wee bit easier.

Brad Marsh
Brad marsh joined the festivities!

Many thanks to everyone for making today a success and for being a big part of RHBE.  Going to get some sleep soon.  Day Two is coming soon.

Danny Erin
Family is Duh Best!

So please follow and share, as together, we chase down a cure for lung cancer!




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  1. Having ridden over one hundred miles in one day on my red schwinn a few years ago and now fighting stage 4 lung cancer I just think what your doing is awesome and brave considering your lack of experience! I used to ride as far as I could…and then go a little farther:) I really wish I could be there riding with you! You go dude. Hang in there. It’s not gonna be easy. Looks like you got tons of support…that makes all the difference. Watch those verticle cracks in the road… they’ll get you every time! Oh, and don’t feel too bad when your struggling up a hill and a bagger passes you by like you were standing still:) Bless you for what your doing! Thanks from Carma in Lake City Iowa.

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