Transition Day!

Take a watch of Transition Day in Cumberland, MD.  Many thanks to Missy and Janet for their great work!  Tom McKeon, it’s now your turn.  You can see a short video at RHBE Video

Many, many thanks to Brothers Pat and Tom for making the start of RHBE and the first three days so special.  It was hard realizing you weren’t going to ride today.  We shared so many miles, wrong turns and laughs since Thursday.

Four days down, and all is looking good!

Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy!


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  1. Great video. Thank you for sharing. A huge shout out to Missy and Janet for being the best SAG drivers and for Pat and Tom for joining John on the ride. It is truly the definition of family. Mom and Dad are smiling:)
    Good luck today, Dave and John. You are in very capable hands with your new SAG driver, especially now that his shirt fits:)

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