Holy Hills, Batman!

What the hill?

Does Pennsylvania have the most hills in the world?  Actually, today was less of a climb than yesterday as we “only” climbed 3330 feet.  Yesterday, we climbed almost 4600 feet, so today was a wee bit easier than yesterday.

Go Prep!

Tom, Pat and I proudly wore out SJ Prep cycling shirts (Go Prep!) and left from Rumors Salon in York.  It’s where we finished yesterday, and, well, yes, not exactly leaving from Le Champ Elysees, but it will do.  And they have a 5.0 rating on Facebook.

GettysburgAnyhow, we traveled another 72 miles, hit some hard hills and made our way though Gettysburg.  We had lunch in the parking lot of Gettysburg University, which was move in day.  We also got amazing SAG work by Missy and Janet.  So all SAG drivers, you have a HIGH bar to go over.

We finished the evening with Dave and Pat, and Bart and Irene.  A nice dinner, a few laughs and a great time.  Dave and Bart will join us tomorrow for some riding.  Tom and Pat are already planning their “We’re done” meal and drinks for tomorrow night.

3 bikers.JPGGreat fun so far, and much more to come.

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