Another state and more great people!

From Wheeling to Zanesville!

Today, we got to state number 4, Ohio!  We started in Wheeling, and had a few troubles.  Got a flat and had to go with the back up bike.  And since it was raining, I wanted to get going and didn’t move the sensors and the pedals to track cadence and power.

However, the rain stopped quickly and off we went.  A bit of a climb today (a little over 4,100 feet) and some challenging road conditions.  A couple roads were out, and I had the pleasure of riding two miles downhill on gravel.  However, I had some great sandwiches from Tom, rode through very wide open parts in Ohio and finished with 83 miles.  We are now at 566 for the ride.

At the end of the day, Tom got the tire fixed at Three Sixty Bike Shop.  Mike was great and Tom gave him a RHBE shirt.  And in the evening, we went to dinner at Muddy Misers and had some steak.  thank you, Nicole, for the wonderful service.

Tomorrow, I say goodbye to Tom the SAGger.  He was wondering whether him being a SAGger was a comment on his physique.  I chose to not answer.

And I will welcome Fred Stephens as the new SAGger.  Fred ALWAYS has pearls of wisdom, and I expect to learn from him over the next few days.  I have a feeling we will be watching Fox News at night.

And as luck would have it, my niece Kerri and her boyfriend Dan are arriving in Columbus tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing them!

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  1. Jack,
    We are really enjoying the blog. I think everybody is living the journey through your stories and experiences. It truly makes us feel like we are with you, minus the peddling and soreness.
    Best of luck on tomorrow’s ride and each day after. Prayers and love for your wonderful journey.
    Dennis Jr , And the Maryland Kee girls.

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