55 more miles…and another new SAGger

Well, we made it another 55 miles and arrived in Columbus today.  We started in Zanesville and had some adventure along the way.  I had two (2!) flats in the same tire and actually fixed my own flat.  With the second flat, I went to Bike 2.  Thanks to Bob Burke from Guy’s Bicycles, I do have a Bike 2.  I went to The Downtown Bike Shop and Chad fixed everything.  Thanks, Chad!

Tom McKeon finished his stint as a SAGger and officially handed over the keys to Fred Stephens.  Fred is on the hook for three days, and then Beth and her friend Karen will be behind the wheel.

Fred and I will go to The James Cancer Center tomorrow morning for what should be a very special morning.  And I am to be interviewed by local TV with a local high school football coach who is recovering from lung cancer.  I will send along the video when I receive it.

At night, I say my niece, Kerri, Dan, Shea, Courtney and Tia.  Tis always great to see family and extended family.  Thanks, Shea, for treating us and supporting Ride Hard Breathe Easy.

Lastly, you can access a recap of the ride by clicking RHBE Day 8.  Mostly straight this time!!

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  1. Good afternoon John from San Francisco.

    We are watching you, bloging and facebooking with you and thinking about you day and night.

    Stay safe, ride hard and breathe easy.

    So happy the family is joining you along the way to keep you feeling the love.

    We are going to start posting all our patient programs and research iniatives that will benefit from your ride.

    Love you bunches. Xoxo

  2. We are really proud of the progress that you are making along the route & the difference that you are making with the increased awareness and financial support for lung cancer research.
    Keep your lights flashing, your radar detecting & make sure you enjoy the ride!
    Pat & Dave

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