When in Wheeling, eat at Figaretti’s!

What a meal!

Tom and i had a great meal tonight at Figaretti’s in Wheeling, WV.  Jess waited on us at the bar (good luck, Jess with your first baby) and Leslie did a wonderful job serving us.  Dino, the owner, came by our table twice and everything was great.  Appetizers, salads, BREAD and the meal – veal marsala for Tom and gnocchi for me.  Yum ME!

Early today, we met Ken at The Tandem Connection in Canonsburg.  He helped with the route that morning and some maps.  And the kindness continued with every person we met.  Whether it was Heather at Green Acres giving Tom directions, Sheila at The Spring Hill Suites welcoming us, Star at the CVS or the two gentlemen at the landfill giving me the best directions to the bike trail, EVERYONE has been so kind and helpful.

To get a recap of today, go to RHBE Day 6

And, if you want to see today’s ride, just click HERE

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