100+ miles today…

And the toughest part was the 1 1/2 mile walk because the Paw Paw Tunnel was closed.  Yup, and that’s a real name for a tunnel.

5 at start.JPGTom, Pat, Dave, Bart and I started early this morning from Hagerstown, MD.  We only went off course twice today (believe me, two times is pretty good for us an a record so far on this journey) and we saw a re-enactment of the French-Indian War along our route.  I forget who who, but that was History with Mr. Gifford in 6th grade, and well, I was more of a Math, recess and spelling guy in grade school.


Hancock.JPGOur wonderful SAGgers, Missy and Janet, met us for a long lunch in Hancock.  It was pretty great and a good time was had by all.  We had completed about 46 miles by then and had a leisurely lunch with lots of carbs.

The ride was along the Potomac and on a pretty bumpy and very flat trail.  Glad we escaped any flat tireds (that’s two days in a row) and we finished around 7:30.  Long day, lots of miles, lots of smiles and we are making great progress.

5 on road.JPGAlso, we are also switching SAGgers, with Missy and Janet having finished their duties, and handing over to Tom McKeon.  Tom, will be great (although not as great as Missy and Janet), and he has already let us know he won;t do the wash and he won’t rub our sore butts.  Kinda disappointed by the “not doing the wash”, and quite OK with taking care of my own butt.

That’s all for tonight.  Time to Sleep Hard. Breathe Easy.  Another 70 miles tomorrow!


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  1. Awesome job John, Pat and the crew! I am inspired by your incredible enthusiasm for this cause.

    “Give every day the opportunity to become the best day of your life”.

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  2. Wow! Nice progress John and team! That’s a long long day and you should be proud of your progress. You sound like you are having an absolutely fantastic time…taking in the beautiful scenery and having a lot of adventures. 🚴 Keep on truckin!

  3. Hey, John! My sister lives in Hagerstown, MD. I should have told her to give you a royal welcome and some of her wonderful home cooking. . .with lots of carbs! So glad that you are having a wonderful adventure with lots of friends and family cheering you on!!

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