10% done!

5 days in and over 400 miles completed.

10 percentDave and I had another great ride today from Ohiopyle, PA to Canonsburg, PA.  Most of the ride was through several trails, so a please and peaceful ride…until the Montour Trail was closed.  We then had the distinct pleasure of climbing up and around through the many hills of Pittsburgh.  It was tough, but we made our way through.  And in the end, RHBE is officially more than 10% complete.  Dave Tom and me

Garmin.PNGThe one frustrating thing for me is that two of my rides have not passed to Strava from Garmin so the SAP site is missing Day 3 and Day 5.  Now, please understand, I really did rides these days.  Just look at Dave’s Strava account, or just ask him.  And here is what it looks like on Garmin.

One of the great pleasures so far is just meeting people, whether in a General store, or at the hotel.  We explain what we are doing (everyone asks about our big white van) and EVERYONE has a story about cancer, and many about lung cancer.  We met four people who were so touched by what we are doing that they went in to give us cash.  No need, we said, just make a donation.  And during today’s ride, Dave and I saw a cooler outside of a house with the sign, “free water for bikers and hikers”.  This ride reinforces what is great about this country and how most of us are together and just care about one another.  We have seen it every day and it has been heartwarming.

Today was the last day with Dave.  Many thanks, Dave, for riding with me for three days, and happy anniversary to you and Pat.  No better way to celebrate an anniversary than riding 86.1 miles with me.   Next, we are off to West Virginia tomorrow!!

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