It helps to work for the best company in the world

When I started thinking about doing this bike ride to fight lung cancer, I knew I would want, and need, help from my colleagues at SAP.  I have worked at SAP for over 23 years, and some of the smartest and kindest people I know work here.

2000px-sap_2011_logo-svgWhen I joined SAP in 1993, I didn’t know how great a company I was joining.  At that time, SAP was this “rising software company from Germany” and I figured, what the heck, give it a try.  I had spent the prior seven years at ADP, a Fortune 500 company focused on data processing, and I was looking for a different and bigger challenge.  Lucky for me, this German software company established their North American headquarters just outside of Philadelphia.  And I jumped at the opportunity once it was offered.

Back then, we had less than 5,000 employees globally.  We have steadily grown to where we now have over 85,000 employees in over 130 countries, and we have over 350,00 customers in 180 countries.  We also have the 20th most valuable brand in the world and 89% of The Fortune 500 are our customers.

A Big Company with an Even Bigger Heart

However, we are more than just a big company with big numbers.  Our heart is even bigger, and our corporate vision is to “Help the world run better and improve people’s lives”.  Watch this video about SAP

Bill and VPOne area that makes me proud to be an SAP employee is in the way our company fights cancer.  SAP was the one technology company invited to the World Economic Forum last year to support the Cancer Moonshot discussion.  In addition, we collaborate with partners like the NCT (National Center of Tumor Diseases in Germany) and ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology).  This work led to developing CancerLinq platform which aggregates data from millions of patient records to enable personalized treatments.

In addition, we offer a program to eligible employees called COPE, the Corporate Oncology Program for Employees. Supported by SAP HANA®, COPE offers access to precision medicine through an in-depth molecular-medical analysis aimed at helping physicians make better-informed treatment decisions.

When you combine brains and heart, you get something special. 

Over the past nine months, the entire team has made major strides in Ride Hard. Breathe Easy.  My colleagues, family, friends along with The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance have been committed and excited to help.  We have created the route, the SAG Wagon plan, a brand, some videos, a Twitter presence, a Facebook presence, a donation site, an app is on its way, and much, much more.

SAP employees helpingI am proud to say it was very easy to have people from SAP to help.  This type of culture does not exist in every company.  It takes a special company with special leadership which brings me back to this company I joined in 1993.  Since then, it hasn’t mattered whether it was Dietmar, Hasso, Henning, Jim or now Bill who was leading the company.  Despite the hectic and evolving nature of the software industry, our North Star has always been one of empathy and compassion for our customers, employees and partners.

So, with less than eight weeks until “GO TIME”, I say thank you to SAP and to the many colleagues who are going to make sure that Ride Hard. Breathe Easy. is a great success!

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