You’re Doing What?

By: Beth Solomon

It Happened Last Summer

My husband, John said to me “I’m going to ride my bike across the country to raise money and awareness for lung cancer”.  I laughed and took another sip of wine.  Sure you are.  The longest distance you biked was 75 miles.  I chalked it up to temporary insanity.

Then weeks later I hear him sharing his biking mission with others in the family.  I start to think, maybe he is really serious about doing this bike ride.  After all, it is a cause so dear to his heart after losing his lovely mother to the dreaded disease.  I know he is passionate and determined about finding a cure and helping others cope with living with lung cancer, but isn’t there an easier and less labor intensive way to do it?  Again, I take another gulp of wine.

Dinner in Paris
Dinner with three of my favorite people.  And, of course, there is some wine!

So fast forward a few weeks later, and I’m resolved to the fact that indeed my husband is going to ride his bike across the country to raise money and awareness for lung cancer. There I said it!  I cannot forget it by drinking more wine, but accept that he is doing something truly amazing in memory of my beautiful mother-in-law and for all others who have succumbed to or live with this disease.

Of course I’m nervous, concerned and worried, but also inspired, proud and grateful.

So here is to my amazing husband….Ride Hard, Breathe Easy!

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  1. Hey Beth, long time. This is a great thing and I am glad you are supportive. I have a detailed map with the course race across America used, and it has been sitting in an envelope for 15 years. I have made little process.

    Good luck for your hubby and hopefully he won’t try to beat the 8 day record.

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