Six Months from Tomorrow…

We begin the journey from Philadelphia to San Francisco to change the course of lung cancer.

We are making progress with the route, I am eating like a horse, we are talking with pharmaceutical companies about being sponsors, and we will have a website for donations in April.  Everything continues to come together and I am so grateful for all of the ideas and help.  Together, we will Make a Difference in the fight against lung cancer.

So please watch the Ride Hard. Breathe Easy. video (Tone and Sam, you are awesome) and share with friends and family and on social media.


And I have one ask of each of you.  Please help to grow the number of people following the blog and on Twitter.  You can follow the blog at and now on Twitter @Ride4Lungs.  We have 100 people following the blog and 20 following on Twitter.  So with a big push by the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, Lung Cancer Alliance, Lung Cancer Initiative and SAP, I am confident we can double each number by the end of this month.

San Francisco, here we come!

Ride Hard. Breathe Easy. Love you Mom!

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