Go John, Go!!

By: Bob Burke, Owner, Guy’s Bicycles, Feasterville, PA

I just had to be involved

As an avid cyclist for over 35 years, as well as having worked for over 35 years in the bicycle industry, I have met plenty of inspiring customers and cyclists.

In January, I had the privilege to meet John Matthews.

John was in the market for a new bike that he was going to ride across the country. Amazing in itself, but plenty have gone before him, so not too uncommon. What makes his adventure so much more than an amazing challenge, was the source of his inspiration. His Mom.  He explained to me that he has a very large support group helping him with his goal. And then to hear his personal story of his mother’s battle with Lung Cancer and his effort to bring awareness to the horrible disease….I just had to be involved.

Tom, John and Bob at Guy’s Bicycles with Duh Awesome Bike!
John and his team were in the planning stages of his epic ride. There was so much to cover–an almost impossible challenge without his large support group. I had the privilege of coming up with all of John’s cycling equipment. From the main bike that he will be pedaling, to a spare bike that will be in his support vehicle. John needed it all…Cycling shorts, helmet, GPS navigation system, and so much more.

Guy’s Bicycles is excited to do our part

Knowing we have limited good weather days in the winter months in our area, John was also in need of a device to mount his new bike on to, so he can begin his training indoors.
With John’s wonderful support team, I have no doubt that he will meet his challenge head on, and exceed all of his expectations, while inspiring everyone he meets along his wonderful journey.

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