It’s Here! It’s Here!!

My BFFFD is in the house!

Thanks to all of the help from my brother Tom and Bob from Guy’s Bicycles, My Best Friend For Forty Days is up and running!

This Cannondale Synapse is awesome, and outfitted with a Garmin Edge 100bike0 which includes a heart rate monitor.  I also have the Power Taps P1S to measure how I am riding and an indoor trainer from Cateye.
So we will have some data to analyze, use to improve performance and share with everyone as we make progress later this year as we go across this great country.  And you throw in a pair of Shimano shoes, and voila, the indoor biking is ready.

Once the weather gets much better, I will take my new BFFFD outside for a ride.  There are a couple apps I can use (mapymyride and Strava) and can use advice on what apps I should use.  Who has ideas?  In the meantime, I will ride indoors, watch some good shows, drink my water and Gatorade and I will be Riding Hard, while Breathing Easy.  Does anyone have a recommendation on what to watch Netflix?  I am thinking the Series “Daredevil”.

Our Next Bike Ride and blog

On a somewhat-related note, Kathleen’s Krew has a team at the ACS Bike-a-thon later this year.  The ride takes place on Sunday, June 11th, and it goes from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. Click ACS Bike-a-thon to join Kathleen’s Krew!

Also, the next blog will come from Christine Donato from SAP.  Christine often writes about precision medicine and how SAP is an important part of this critical improvement to health care.  So look for that blog to come next week.

And finally, thank you for the continued support and offers to help.  We are doing great with the planning, logo, picking a route and many more things.  And I have one final request.  If you know someone who wants to stay aware of Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy., have them follow the blog!  I am doing my part to train.  Can you help us get to 100 followers by next weekend?

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