Progress, we’re talking about progress?

practiceFor those of you who know about Allen Iverson, he held one of the greatest press conferences in Philadelphia sports history.
“Practice, we’re talking about practice?”  To get a glimpse of Allen at his best, take a look here at

As for me, I will start MY real practice (or training) in earnest in February, so today, we’re talking about progress.  Yup, we’re talking about progress!

We’re talking about progress!

This bike ride planning started four months ago with a couple of discussions and calls, and each conversation inspired me more.  New ideas, excitement to help, people I never met joining to help and boy, did we make progress.  It seems that EVERYONE has been impacted by cancer, so this planning is a way for people to fight cancer.  So “Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy.” is a chance for all of us to come together, fight lung cancer and make a difference, and here are some of the key areas where we have made significant progress

  • We have an amazing team of 20 people working on the plan.
  • We have a mission statement that captures the essence of what we are doing. “Raise awareness and fund research for lung cancer in memory of Kathleen Matthews”.
  • We have a dedicated Steering Committee, three other committees (The Ride, Communications and Connecting the World) and another one coming (fund raising and sponsorship).
  • We have a route mostly picked out with three major stops planned. And we have discussed what is needed in our support vehicle.
  • Google Drive is what we will use to share documents.
  • This blog has been seen in 6 countries (USA, Germany, Ireland, Canada, England and Mexico). So start telling your friends in New Zealand, Japan, China, Peru and anywhere else so we can all “Connect the World” to this ride.

Many hands make light work

Through the end of January, we will continue to add ideas (some big and some small), and we will then settle in, decide what matters most and go after it.  We will have a full six months to fine tune our plan and make sure that we go safely and in good health across this great country.  the-teamAnd in just 11 days we will turn the page to 2017 and talk about “Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy.” happening “this year”.

So to Beth, Tom, Pat, Julie, Sam, Chelsea, Eric, Matt, David, Chris, Dave, Sebastian, Laurie, Janis, Christine, Rick, Paul, Tone, Katie and Karen, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU.  Your many hands truly do make light work (a famous saying from Mom).  And to the other people who are ready to join our committees (John, Barb, Mary and Kim), we welcome your new ideas and your help.  And to the people in the biking community we have already talked with (Bob, Nick, Lucas and Dan), I say thanks for your advice.

“Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy.” is for you, Mom

Mom, “Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy” is about giving back, and helping all lung cancer patients.  mom-irishYou and Dad taught our family to love, to be kind and to help others.  And this ride (it’s not a race) will be a shining example of how we live what you taught us as we help others. Fighting lung cancer is important to our family, and we will continue to fight until a cure is found.

And to everyone who sees this blog, I can use your help.  Do you know anyone who has gone on really long bike rides?  The ride will have a support vehicle and we will want to pick the best person for the job.  Anyone want to ride across country next August?  I have an uncle who used to be a bus driver, but, alas, he has retired.

Also, do you know anyone who have been impacted by lung cancer who can help spread the word?  And since the money raised in “Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy.” will mainly go to fund personalized medicine for lung cancer, do you know anyone interested in learning more about personalized medicine?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, please invite them to follow the blog and join the conversation next year.

In 2017, we will tie these aspects and more together on future blogs so we get additional bike ride advice, hear from lung cancer patients and discuss the importance of personalized medicine.

And finally, thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  I encourage you to send your feedback or ask questions.  I feel fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people to plan this effort.

You will see the next blog in mid-January, and I hope that you and your family enjoy the holidays!

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